Engineering Compliance

Making sure your manufacturing assets are running safely and legally is an essential responsibility for all Plant managers. There are many engineering compliance requirements that must be adhered to in order to ensure your employees are safe at work.

The consequences of non-compliance can include prosecution of the Duty Holder, Engineering Manager and Directors. If you have this level of responsibility you must eliminate or ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to control and reduce risks “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP).  PEME can assist with your engineering compliance responsibilities.

PEME’s Approach

We work with you to conduct an initial PEME Health-check, that surveys your existing compliance arrangements, identifies the ‘gap’ between what you have and what you need and then provides costed Work Packages to ensure you meet your engineering compliance responsibilities.

How can you benefit?

  • PEME helps you to reduce risk to your employees and ensures your business meets its statutory obligations, including any legal commitments that you are not currently aware of  
  • We can assist you to bring your site up to the correct level of engineering compliance
  • You can trust PEME to get the task done in a timely manner as we will not suffer from being side-lined into dealing with the other activities and responsibilities that you have to deal with in your day job, e.g. the distraction of dealing with a critical asset breakdown
  • You will be able to prove your corporate responsibility by using competent people that know what the engineering compliance requirements are and what needs to be done to demonstrate compliance and address any required remedial actions
  • Remedials are addressed via an action plan allowing work to be prioritised, costed and completed in a structured way rather than a random, piecemeal approach often unintentionally adopted by some organisations
  • Condition Monitoring provides an opportunity to identify degradation and faults before they result in a safety or production down-time consequence and can satisfy the inspection requirements of insurers.  Additionally, significant energy cost savings can also be achieved
  • PEME offers a cost-effective solution to a potential problem with severe consequences for you and your staff

What Regulations / Standards do you need to consider?