Engineering Compliance Approach

Making sure your manufacturing assets are running safely and legally is an essential responsibility for all Plant managers. There are many engineering compliance requirements that must be adhered to in order to ensure your employees are safe at work.

Musk’s Approach

We work with you to survey your existing compliance arrangements to identify the ‘gap’ between what you have and what you need or work with recommendations from independent surveys and then provide costed Work Packages to ensure you meet your engineering compliance responsibilities.  Once your site is compliant, we can maintain that compliance on your behalf.

How can you Benefit?

  • Reduce risk to your employees and ensure your business meet your statutory obligations
  • Bring your site up to the correct level of engineering compliance
  • Prove your corporate responsibility by using competent people that know what the engineering compliance requirements are and what needs to be done to demonstrate compliance
  • Remedials are prioritised, costed and completed in a structured manner
  • Cost-effective solution to a risk with severe consequences for you and your staff