Work Packages

Musk assists with your Engineering Compliance responsibilities.  We do this by working with you to conduct an initial Health-check and then provide costed Work Packages to ensure you meet your statutory responsibilities.

What is Engineering Compliance?

What Regulations / Standards do you need to consider?

Work Packages for individual sites vary depending on a site’s operating context but typically cover three high-level aspects: technical aspects such as PUWER, ATEX / DSEAR and Condition Monitoring techniques such as electrical panel thermal surveys; electrical aspects such as compliance with Electricity at Work regulations including fixed electrical inspection and testing and HV maintenance; mechanical aspects such as pressure systems, machinery risk assessments and pressure vessel integrity testing.

The Work Packages are designed to achieve significant improvement in short timescales. Musk engineers structure the Work Packages to deliver against a rolling implementation programme, allowing the early mitigation of the most significant risks based on a competent risk assessment of the known non-compliances and probable hazards.

Work Package Examples

A machinery risk assessment typically consists of three elements: firstly, potential hazards, the degree of risk and actions required to eliminate or reduce the identified risk to an acceptable level are identified; secondly, a record of corrective actions implemented is maintained as any recommended remedial tasks are completed; finally, an evaluation of safety interlocking systems performance levels is carried out.

An electrical infrastructure compliance Work Package might involve the following tasks: production or amendment of single-line diagrams (including revision where anomalies are found and update when additional circuits are installed); testing; cable identification; drawing verification (including circuits identification and circuit capability); completion of remedial actions and on-going system maintenance, which is essential to demonstrate duty of care.

On-going Support

Many of Musk’s clients require additional resource to meet on-going routine engineering compliance requirements. Musk can ensure specialist engineers attend your sites when required, on a long-term contract basis, in order to help manage and oversee the engineering compliance programme and perform more specialist tasks such as electrical infrastructure testing and pressure vessel integrity testing. Musk takes a partnership approach to support you in maintaining and optimising your engineering compliance.