Asset Care Strategy

PEME has developed a robust Asset Care strategy, tailoring best-practice methodologies into a fast-track Asset Care solution for our clients. 

The strategy has been designed to achieve significant improvement in relatively short timescales; quick wins help drive confidence in the strategy and improve engagement of your whole team. Our partnered approach ensures a sustainable Asset Care solution is achieved.

What is the PEME Asset Care strategy?

We conduct an initial Asset Care Assessment of your existing regime to establish the ‘as-is’ and identify the ‘gap’ between existing arrangements and an appropriate level of best-practice. A tailored through-life Asset Care solution is then developed to close the ‘gap’ and deliver improved performance. Typical key features of follow-up Asset Care support include:

  • A fast-track Maintenance Improvement Project to mobilise a new or improved Preventive Maintenance regime ensuring real-world failure modes are addressed by the least intrusive means
  • Review and address Engineering Compliance requirements
  • Provision of additional engineering resource to help manage and deliver Asset Care including Plant Maintenance and Continuous Improvement Project Installations
  • Introduce a Maintenance Planning function which will identify and plan upcoming work for the Asset Care team and liaise between production and engineering
  • The Asset Care team are allocated tailored targets and KPIs are measured and monitored.
  • Implement Condition Monitoring to find degradation before break-down
  • Autonomous Maintenance (Operator Asset Care) is introduced on assets, where appropriate
  • In-house training is provided by PEME to train operators, maintenance personnel and managers in using Asset Care processes and techniques
  • Pragmatic, on-going use is made of Reliability Improvement techniques to ensure critical breakdowns are targeted to prevent re-occurrence and avoid unacceptable downtime
  • The Asset Care regime is continuously improved incorporating the lessons-learnt from the Asset Care Programme
  • Assessments (similar to the Safety and Quality Audit concept) are also routinely carried out

What are the Benefits of PEME’s Asset Care Strategy?

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