Who Shaped PEME?

Ian Morris - PEME

A lot can be learnt about a business by knowing more about the individuals that have played a part in shaping the company.  Ian Morris, started his PEME career as an electrician and has progressed to Finance Director (FD).

As a child, Ian was enrolled in a Boarding School and the first thing he wanted to do was run away. However, he soon realised that he had to make the best of it and take advantage of the opportunities presented to him; besides, his parents didn’t want him back. He later decided that he wanted to do an apprenticeship or join the Army. He didn’t have a clear career path in mind but was able to secure an apprenticeship as an Electrical Technician and studied at York College.

Ian started working with PEME, 30 years ago, as a Sub-Contractor. He soon concluded that he wanted to have a pro-active role in developing PEME and went onto the payroll. He hasn’t looked back since, following multiple promotions and increasing responsibility, Ian climbed the PEME management structure and was a member of the management buy-out team that acquired PEME in 2003 after which he took over as the FD.

Ian believes he is a more effective FD because of his experience of working as an electrician and then a manager within the business and gaining a deep understanding of our business activities and clients. As FD his focus has been on introducing new automated systems to make our inter-action with our clients as efficient as possible.

Ian has too many favourite experiences of working with PEME to list, but he did say the funniest was on his very first day; he walked onto a PEME client site with a blonde Mohican hairstyle and the then PEME MD remarked to his companion, “The competition must be desperate, look at the state of him.” Ian walked up to him, shook his hand and introduced himself as PEME’s new starter. Like the MD, the Mohican has long gone but Ian’s enjoyment in working with PEME and our clients has remained as fresh as it was on that first day.

Ian states that his biggest achievements are his children and when the current Director team carried out the management buy-out. When Ian is away from the office there is a good chance he is either flying to the USA or looking after his family.