Who Shaped PEME?

PEME Ashley Maile

This is the third in a series of news items about the personnel within PEME that have played a major part in shaping the company into the Asset Care partner that it is today.

Ashley Maile started his career as an electrical apprentice working for a local electrical contractor.  He subsequently moved to PEME, where he started working in a pet food Plant in Peterborough as an electrical tradesman.  After 6 years at PEME, Ashley embarked on a self-funded MBA in business administration, which he studied at weekends.  Having gained his MBA he moved to Pepsi Cola / Walkers in Lincoln as Operations Manager where he worked for 4 years before moving to Geest as a Factory Manager.

10 years in the cockpit of factory management was enough for Ashley and he returned to PEME to head up the Southern division.  He always had an aspiration of owning his own engineering firm and in 2004 that ambition was realised when he was part of the management buyout at PEME.  The new team of directors had a clear vision of how they wanted to change PEME’s strategic direction; their motivation being they all wanted the business to be the best it could be for everyone involved, from clients to employees.

Ashley considers winning PEME’s first significant Asset Care contract as his biggest personal achievement within PEME.  This was the ‘game changer’ and the catalyst for the management buyout as it was the first major Maintenance Outsourcing  contract won by PEME.

He is also immensely proud of the amount of engineers whose ability PEME has developed; from getting young talent onto the first steps of the career ladder as Apprentices, to those who have achieved post graduate qualifications enabling further progression in their chosen career paths.

As for future plans, Ashley said “the current management team is the strongest in the history of PEME and the reason why the PEME Board has engaged the senior members of that team in the development of a new Business Strategy which we are implementing now to ensure PEME is an effective and sustainable solution to meet the manufacturing sector’s Asset Care challenges.”