Who Ya Gonna Call?

PEME Projects Installations

PEME is leading a factory closure project in Belgium on behalf of the Flint Group.  The site has been closed for some time and presents safety, environment and technical risks that PEME are effectively dealing with.

PEME has now worked over 22,000 hours on site, removed over 1200 tonnes of scrap, transferred over 170 tonnes of equipment to other sites, sold over 35 tonnes of equipment, generated over 2000 tonnes of waste which all has been treated /disposed of in the best way for the environment.

Whilst the programme has been manned by many PEME and contractor personnel, the picture shows four stalwarts of the project; John Pheely, Liam Greeves, Lee Boswell and Ivan Timms.  Whilst they may look dressed for attending a Ghostbuster-themed evening, they are actually wearing waterproof disposable overalls and escape harnesses for working in confined spaces. All PEME personnel were trained to work in confined spaces due to the many metres of pipework and cables within the cellars at the site that had to be addressed.

The project has been conducted within a Construction Design and Management (CDMenvironment and with PEME controlling site work, has had the lead responsibility for health and safety planning and organisation; checking that working conditions are healthy and safe before work begins and ensuring that any proposed work does not put others at risk.