Wisbech Careers Fair

PEME Supports Wisbech Careers Fair

Engineers design, build and maintain everything that makes our world go round. Everything, from aircraft to breakfast cereals, happens because of engineering. Engineers make the world a safer and better place.

Engineering is an exciting, dynamic world of immense possibility. More and more young people are looking to engineering as a possible career choice and that’s just as well, as there is a nationwide engineering skills shortage that is starting to really hurt industry.

PEME recognises the importance of encouraging young people into engineering by helping them to consider the benefits that a career in engineering could offer them.  We try to play-our-part by working closely with local schools and colleges to promote engineering and provide a route to an outstanding career via the PEME Apprenticeship Scheme.

Some of our best engineers, team leaders and Operations Managers started their career via this scheme and have been provided with the training, mentoring and challenges that has allowed them to flourish into mature, well-rounded engineering super-stars.

The recent Wisbech Grammar School Careers Fair was aimed at students in Year’s 9-13 and as this school has been an excellent source of talent for our business we were delighted to support this event.

The picture shows Melissa Fenwick, Laurie-ann Smith, Vijendra Mishra, and James Henson who were all delighted to represent PEME and inspire students into a career in engineering.  During the day, students learnt what engineering is; what working in the sector entails, what Asset Care is about and what a PEME apprenticeship can offer them.

Students were given the opportunity to use some of our specialised Condition Monitoring  equipment, such as a thermal camera; taking selfies to detect their hot spots and taking part in a task to find air leaks using an acoustic set.  Students interested in a Design career were shown the PEME Condition Register with 3D models of our Asset Care Client’s sites.

Melissa (Operations Manager – HR) said “I loved it. The event was a great success with many students showing a keen interest in engineering. If we are able to encourage at least one student to take Engineering as a career option, I feel the day was well worth while”.

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