Youth Enterprise Scheme

Stef Smith - Young Person Whisperer

PEME is supporting the Young Enterprise charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills and make business relevant to their daily lives.

The programme aims to spark the energy and enthusiasm of the students, helping them to discover their individual talents and achieve what they thought was impossible by helping them develop skills they cannot learn from a textbook.

PEME Associate Director, Stef Smith and our MD, Ashley Maile are volunteer business advisors for two groups of students participating in the Youth Enterprise scheme.  They are supporting young people at the College of West Anglia; Ashley is mentoring students at the King’s Lynn campus and Stef at the Wisbech campus.  The programme involves students opening a business and running it for a school year. This helps them develop business and interpersonal skills to enhance their future employability and widen the range of work opportunities available to them.

Stef is shown (far right) with some of the young people he is mentoring at a stall they had organised at the recent Wisbech Christmas Market.  The students designed products, procured suitable materials, manufactured and then sold Christmas gifts.

Stef was the dynamo that sparked PEME’s involvement in this programme and said, “I have personally mentored many young people from the local area and facilitated them becoming engineers with PEME. I believe a business like ours should be involved with local schools and colleges and therefore, I approached Ashley with details of this scheme and was so inspirational that he could not refuse my involvement but also signed-up to help as well.”