Zero to Landfill

Michael Edwards - PEME

PEME Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Michael Edwards (pictured) and Accounts Operations Manager and Environmental Champion, Julie Wright, have carried out a review of our waste disposal arrangements.  PEME’s aim is to send zero waste to landfill by October 2017.

As our Asset Care capability has grown, multiple-contracts for the disposal of the waste produced have evolved.  Michael and Julie consulted with all of our existing suppliers and have taken the opportunity to optimise our activity with a single preferred supplier in Wastecare Ltd.

They will provide us with all of our waste disposal services, staff training and premise cleaning.  The new contract will cover hazardous waste, food waste, hydraulic oil, WEEE , fluorescent tubes, aluminium cans and a domestic battery disposal service.

Michael said, “As a producer of both domestic and hazardous waste we have a legal and moral obligation to ensure it is transported and disposed of in the safest, most ethical manner. Wastecare came into see us, listened to what we wanted, made some suggestions and came up with a comprehensive solution that meets all our needs. It’s important to PEME that we stay at the forefront of environmental compliance in all respects.”